Hercules Premium

Sleds «Hercules Premium» — is universal sleds for your children. You can drive small children in this model, adjusting the handle height, pull the sleds using the thong, turning the sleds quickly around. Meanwhile the child will be steadily sitting in the sled, due to the high sides of the convenient back. The sled model got the highest technical specifications concerning it's gliding properties on the snow and ice surfaces, due to the flat runners technology. Flat runners are set with a slight angle to each other for the purpose of firm sliding on the turns. The sleds can be easily transported in a car, after folding the handle and the back.

Older children will also be happy to have such sleds. The handle and the back can be easile removed and the sleds for small children transform into the fast-speed one, and one can sledge down a hill sitting and lying on the tummy.

The sleds can be stocked with the soft matrass and the feet covering hood (optional).

Colourdark blue laquer, dark red laquer
Lenth900 mm
Width450 mm
Height195 mm
Weight6,6 kg
Complete setAdjustable back with rotary mechanism. Removable handle – pushstick with height adjustment option.